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March 1 - 31
Nutriton Month

There are quick links from this page to: Campaign Info, Resources and Tools, Fact Sheets, Feature Recipes, and more!

To tackle the issue of Food Waste in Canada, here are some helpful sites:

The shocking stats re: Food Waste in Canada
This site looks at preventing food waste with a video and many resources about best before dates, how to store and so much more!

March 18-24th
Canada Water Week

Link to events to attend or how to host

Facebook page with links to: Canadian Water Alliance

Canadian Water and Wastewater Association

Water Canada Magazine


Documentary: Save My Lake:
David Suzuki the Nature of Things

March 21
International Day of Forests

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Social Justice Award due by March 1 of each year
  • March 2nd RSVP for Lenten Retreat to the Fall Regional Chairs
  • deadline for League Lingo information is March 1
  • 2019 Convention Registration Deadline - March 24
  • Spiritual Advisor's Bursary due by April 1 of each year
  • J L Hennessey Bursary due by April 1 of each year

March 22nd
World Water Day
Reminding us water is a right for everyone and important information about this precious resource.
A Canadian perspective on the day with many resource links and article links.

March 23rd
World Meteorological Day

This year's theme is "The Sun, The Earth and The Weather" on this site find out about how the day came about and you fill find articles of interest, programmes and projects.

March 28th
The Great Big Crunch 

March 30th
Earth Hour
Information video and how to take part!
Canadian link